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As a practice we believe it is vital to be at the cutting edge of our profession and spend many days each year on courses so that we can offer our patients the very best of care. We cover all forms of treatment from routine nail care and hard skin removal, to the latest cutting edge podiatry. Experts in Biomechanics, Nail surgery and Verrucae, we are also fully qualified in the use of local anaesthetic.

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Older patients  
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Foot health assessment Ingrowing toenails – Nail surgery
Cracked heels Routine treatment
Diabetic assessment Nail cutting
Fungal nails – New laser Biomechanics
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Older patients

Old age can be very detrimental to the feet and it's vital to have regular care to keep the patient mobile and the feet comfortable and free from infection. Research has proven that falls can be greatly reduced in the older age group if feet are properly cared for.

You & your family

It’s not just elderly people who suffer from bad feet. Our average patient is aged between 30 and 50 and we should all have our feet checked regularly to prevent future problems.

We all visit a dentist on a regular basis but our feet, one of the most used parts of our body, are often neglected, sometimes with devastating results. Problems with your feet can be inherited so if members of your family suffer, it’s particularly important that you get your own feet checked.

Foot health assessment

Have you ever thought about the health of your feet?

Your feet take on the weight of your entire body and as such are put through its paces so to speak. There are two considerations with the health of your feet. Firstly how they look with visible problems such as corns, verrucae, bunions, hard skin or thickened nails. These are the things that most of us take immediate action on. At the end of the day, we all want our poolside feet. The second consideration is how your feet are functioning in alignment with the rest of your body. The posture of your feet can affect many other areas of your body potentially causing knee, hip and lower back pain.

Most people are unaware that by simply altering your posture we can not only relieve pain but help prevent conditions such as bunions and arthritis, particularly in the knees.

This consultation and assessment with our most senior podiatrist gives a vital insight into the health of your feet and a personal treatment plan to get you and your body working at its most efficient.

Cracked heels

Painlessly treated, we reduce excess hard skin and cracks, eliminating painful symptoms and vastly improving the skin's appearance.

Diabetic assessment

If you are diabetic your feet should be checked every 6-12 months for circulation and any loss of feeling. We call this a vascular and neurological assessment. It involves a doppler ultrasound where we can actually listen to the pulses in your feet. In addition we check for any high pressure sites that may be at future risk of ulceration and advise you accordingly.

Fungal nails – New laser

We are pleased to offer the very latest laser technology for the treatment of fungal nails (onychomycosis). We performed a clinical trial recently and have been extremely impressed with the treatment. Our package includes 4 treatments on a weekly basis following which a healthy nail will re-grow.

Although we still offer conventional treatments, this new laser has huge advantages. There are no unpleasant side effects from tablets and it will be a much quicker solution than using lacquers, which some patients feel to be ineffective and time consuming. Get your toes looking great again!

Please see Laser Treatment

Athletes foot

We can easily diagnose this and provide a treatment plan. Advice is then given to prevent

Verrucae / Warts

A verruca is caused by the human papiloma virus (HPV). It is actually a viral infection of the skin, similar to a wart. If it is left untreated it can become painful, unsightly and in severe cases immobilising. We frequently treat verrucae the size of a £2 coin. In some cases it will go of its own accord but once large and established, it will need more advanced treatment.

We offer a complete range of verrucae treatments. These include:


This treatment involves passing a very cold gas through an applicator, which is held against the skin. This accurately freezes the skin infected by the verruca. The skin is then allowed to thaw. This freeze thaw of the tissue destroys the verruca tissue and it is thought that it also allows the body's immune system to detect the virus and destroy it.

This treatment can be painful for a few days after treatment as it causes a blood blister. We will review you approximately 3 weeks after treatment to ensure it is clear. With our patients it usually takes between 1 and 3 treatments to clear the verruca.

Traditional caustics

With this treatment we apply caustics to the skin and apply a dressing. This remains on the foot for a week and must be kept dry. The patient is then seen at weekly intervals until the verruca resolves. On average this treatment takes 8-9 visits to clear up and as a result we reduce the treatment fee after the first visit to a dressing fee of £20. The disadvantage is keeping your foot dry for multiple weeks.

Ingrowing toenails – Nail surgery

We have vast experience with this painful often reoccurring condition. In cases with no previous history of recurrence, we use a special technique to remove the ingrown spike and dress this for optimum healing. 

Nail surgery is the permanent solution to a reoccurring ingrowing toe nail. Your podiatrist can give a local anaesthetic to the affected toe and remove a thin slither of nail along with the problematic spike. Once removed, the nail root is gently chemically cauterized to prevent it growing back so that the rest of the nail grows back but without the nail spike and the thin slither that is removed. It leaves an excellent cosmetic result rather than removing the whole nail, which can look unsightly.

We use an injection technique utilising an extra fine dental needle in combination with a pre injection spray to minimize discomfort during the local anesthetic. This is so successful that we even offer the procedure for children. Every clinician at Tennant Podiatry is fully qualified and extensively trained and audited to maintain the highest possible standards.

Routine treatment

Most general conditions will be covered in a routine treatment, including nails, hard skin, corns and calluses. It will transform your feet both in comfort and cosmetically.

Nail cutting

Get your nails cut and filed including thinning of the nails by a fully qualified HPC registered podiatrist. Please note only nails will be treated if you book this treatment. For hard skin removal or ingrowing toenails you will need to book a routine treatment.


Orthotics and Insoles.

Please see Biomechanics

Home visits

Mainly for the elderly, a routine treatment where a podiatrist comes to your home. We offer a caring, warm and professional service.


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