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Laser Treatment for fungal nails

Embarrassing toenails?

Fungal infection spreading across your nails?

Want to avoid tablets with possible side effects, including liver and kidney problems?


Tennant Podiatry Laser Fungal Nail Manchester

What is a fungal nail?
How do I know if I have a fungal nail?
What if a fungal nail is left untreated?
Why treat a fungal nail at Tennant Podiatry, Manchester?
Fungal nail treatment options at Tennant Podiatry, Manchester
Why we recommend cold laser over thermal laser?
Additional benefits of Tennant Podiatry Lunula laser treatment
How much will it cost?
Frequently asked questions


What is a fungal nail?

Fungal nail, also known as onychomycosis is very common. It occurs as a result of trauma to your nail, in conjunction with wearing shoes that provide an ideal damp environment for the fungus to spread. The fungal spores feed on the nail leading to discolouration and ultimately spread into the root of the nail where the infection can permanently damage and deform the nail bed.

How do I know if I have a fungal nail?

• Unsightly
• Discoloured
• Possibly smelly
• Contagious
• Makes you more susceptible to ingrowing toenails, bacterial infections of the skin surrounding the nail (paronychia) or athlete’s foot and can also cause permanent nail damage.  

What if a fungal nail is left untreated?

Generally the infection from the infected toe will spread to your other toenails if left untreated. This results in thickened, brittle nails with a predisposition to secondary bacterial infections and ingrowing toenails. In later stages gungy debris can form under the nails with an unpleasant odour.

Whatever treatment you choose, don’t leave fungal nails untreated.

Why treat a fungal nail at Tennant Podiatry, Manchester?

At Tennant Podiatry in North Manchester, we have 35 years of professional experience for a chiropodist or podiatrist to distinguish a fungal nail from other conditions. Even then a sample may be taken to be 100% certain. We recommend attending for a free foot assessment with our friendly team to diagnose what’s wrong and formulate a treatment plan.

Fungal nail treatment options at Tennant Podiatry, Manchester

Topical – Use of topical treatments include nail lacquers, oils and other preparations. This is suitable for some less severe infections. It is also vital that the nail is debrided by a podiatrist as a thick nail provides the correct environment for the fungus to spread and prevents the medication penetrating to where it is needed.

Tablets – Can be a very effective treatment but increasingly GP’s and health professionals are concerned about the side effects it can cause, particularly regarding the liver.

Hot Laser – These are sometimes described as ‘NdYag lasers’. They heat up the nail to weaken the fungus. It is suitable for mild to moderate infections but is increasingly looking dated as it slows down nail growth. From our experience it only resolves 75% of infections. Coolers are used to make the treatment more tolerable but even with this the treatment is painful and many patients struggle to put up with the pain.

Cold Laser – This is now the choice at Tennant Podiatry Manchester. It is the cutting edge solution for fungal nail treatments. It is painless with no health risks. Cold laser initiates a body biochemical process to destroy dermatophytes from within. Unlike topical and tablet treatments cold laser speeds up nail growth, which is vital as fungal infections slow down nail growth.


Why we recommend cold laser over thermal laser?

At Tennant Podiatry, Manchester we recently upgraded our laser technology from thermal laser technology to a Lunula Cold laser. The main reason for this was that the new system is pain free and importantly appears to have a higher success rate on paper.

It features two frequencies, one of which kills the fungus and the other stimulates nail growth. The advantage of this is that we have previously found thermal lasers to initially slow down nail growth whereas cold laser speeds up growth meaning that less treatments are needed to achieve a healthy nail and at a lower cost to the patient. This is particularly important in the case of slow growing damaged nails.

Additional benefits of Tennant Podiatry Lunula laser treatment

• Pain Free
• Safe
• Fast
• Excellent treatment outcomes

Email pictures or questions to

How much will it cost?

Other clinics in the country are charging £1000 for four fungal nail treatments. We are currently offering this to our patients at £499.

We are also offering a free consultation with a fully qualified podiatrist to discuss this state of the art treatment and assess the current condition of your infected nails.

The fee includes a course of 4 treatments at 1-week intervals.

• Non-invasive
• No oral medication
• Quick and hassle free

Frequently asked questions

Will it hurt?
No, the treatment at Tennant Podiatry is completely pain free. This is very different to older thermal laser technology, which can be very painful.

How long will it take?
12 minutes per foot or hand.

How long will it take for my nails to grow healthy again?
This is dependent on health, severity of condition, age and how well the aftercare is adhered to.

Book now for a free consultation and treatment plan.

Will it work?
We cannot guarantee results but research conducted by Erchonia, demonstrated a 97% improvement. Success depends on aftercare to prevent re-infection as much as the laser treatment itself. We have a detailed protocol that all our patients are given.

Are your staff trained?
All Tennant Podiatry clinicians have a BSc Hons in Podiatry and are registered with the HCPC. We are one of a handful of practices accredited by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. You are in excellent hands and we pride ourselves on giving a friendly professional service.

Is laser for me?
Laser is not always the treatment of choice and we can formulate treatment plans for all forms of fungal nail conditions. Phone our friendly reception team to book in or request a call back from one of our podiatrists.

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